Arabic Calligraphy Book

Arabic Calligraphy Book

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Product Code: Arabic Calligraphy Book
Weight 2 500 Gram
Length 0 cm * 0 cm
  • Pages 248
  • Date 2020
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Item specifics

  • Weight 2 500 Gram
  • Pages 248
  • Date 2020

Product Description

The freestyle Modern Arabic Calligraphy book exclusively includes an enormous and distinctive variety of artworks done by the artist Ebrahim Jafaar.

This book is a great visual feed for art lovers and amateurs in general, and for designers and calligraphers in particular, such a book is considered as an exceptional resource that would consistently feed the visual inspiration toward the brand identities built based on the freestyle modern Arabic calligraphy.

It consists of 248 pages enriched with incredible designs and artworks of brand identities, Arabic episodes, movies art scripts, and names that form more than 300 art manuscripts.

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